Advocating change

The Heart Foundation has developed the Healthy Active by Design (HAbD) Tool to provide resources and support for those interested in the development of liveable places and spaces.  

The Heart Foundation are working in partnership with a wide range of industry, government, non-government and academic organisations to achieve positive change and directly influence healthy active urban planning within our states.   

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Heart Foundation active living advocacy documents 

Blueprint for an Active Australia 

The Heart Foundation ‘Blueprint for an Active Australia’ outlines 13 action areas and a case for change towards a more physically active Australia.  Compiled by researchers and leaders in physical activity, transport, planning and health, the document aims to increase Australia’s investment in preventative health, including physical activity.  It aims to deliver investment in physical activity in a manner that benefits all Australians, including those experiencing disadvantage. 

Download the Blueprint

‘Move It’ – Australia’s Healthy Transport Options 

The ‘Move It’ policy paper contains ten recommendations to achieve a healthy and active Australia by 2030.  The recommendations are based on extensive evidence and research and aim to boost walking, cycling and public transport use across the country.  It highlights that cooperation, coordination and collaboration between different levels of government and sectors is required to significantly increase walking and cycling for transport in Australia. 

Download the ‘Move It’ paper

Move More Sit Less – Campaign  

The Canberra Communique outlines a case for the Federal Government to establish a National Physical Activity Action Plan.  The Communique outlines nine actions areas, coupled with a set of approaches and policies that government can implement to increase physical activity nationally.   

Download the Communique

This campaign also aims to encourage individuals to move more through regular walking, movement, standing and physical activity. 

Find out more about Active Living on the Heart Foundation website.

Download the below resources on how to implement sitting less techniques:

Sitting Less For Adults

Sitting Less For Children

Heart Foundation Walking  

Heart Foundation Walking is Australia’s largest free walking network which aims to encourage and support walking and physical activity.  This includes focussing on advocating for and enhancing supportive environments for active living as well as raising the profile of walking as a fun, free and accessible physical activity option for everyone.   

Find out more about Heart Foundation Walking 

Local Government Awards 

The Heart Foundation Local Government Awards recognise local councils working to improve heart health through building a sense of community, encouraging people to be physically active, smoke-free and make healthier food choices. 

The program rewards councils at a national and state level with cash prizes, commemorative frames, and profiling of council efforts through promotional material, presentation events, local media and case studies. 

Find out more on Local Government Awards

Heart Foundation Heart Maps 

The Heart Foundation Heart Maps show how rates of heart related admissions compare across Australia at a national, state, and where possible, local government level. Importantly, the Heart Maps also highlight the association between socioeconomic disadvantage and remoteness with heart health outcomes.   

The Heart Maps can act as a valuable tool for health professionals, health services, local governments, researchers and policy makers.  The Heart Maps can be used to establish health related strategies, to plan for health services and to develop/implement targeted prevention initiatives.  

View the National Heart Maps

View the Victorian Heart Maps

View the South Australian Heart Maps

Active Living Strategy 

The HAbD Tool provides town planners, urban designers and developers with a non-statutory check list, inspiring high quality examples of projects from around the world and links to the evidence available to support active living. In addition to this practical HAbD Tool, the Heart Foundation will also advocate that relevant agencies address the existing legislation and policy barriers. As new projects integrate the active living philosophies the Heart Foundation will showcase the best practice examples. 

To this end, the Heart Foundation has prioritised the promotion of healthier more active communities through an Active Living Strategy. The HAbD Tool is only part of a more comprehensive approach to encourage and support active living. The strategy focuses on three main areas; 

  • environment - built environment, 
  • public education - education and social marketing, 
  • programs - community engagement and participation strategies. 

Evidence indicates that behaviour change is best enabled when these three strategies are all implemented as part of a comprehensive community wide approach.