Brookfield Place

  • Brookfield Place
  • Integrating walkways attracts visitors to the entertainment areas.
    Integrating walkways attracts visitors to the entertainment areas.
  • Brookfield Place
  • Stairs are visually prominent and an alternative way to move through the building.
    Stairs are visually prominent and an alternative way to move through the building.
  • Brookfield Place
  • Pedestrian dominated spaces have improved access to public transport.
    Pedestrian dominated spaces have improved access to public transport.

Brookfield Place is an example of how building design can support a healthy and active community. Brookfield Place is located at 125 St Georges Terrace, and comprises a 130,000m2 commercial tower and is the global head office of BHP Billiton. The 45 storey tower accommodates 3,000 BHP employees, who were previously located across 24 different sites.

Description of project

The design brief for Brookfield Place was to develop a newly activated urban precinct characterised by a premium commercial central high-rise office tower.  The ground plane consists of a high quality public realm with a variety of old and new buildings within a pedestrianised precinct.

A number of design decisions ensure high quality spaces that support the wellbeing of the occupants and visitors.

Access to public transport

  • The design of the building and surrounding tenancies encourages the extended use of public transport by providing an active, walking route to the Perth Bus Port. The structures within the precinct provide shelter for pedestrians throughout the year.

Inviting public realm

  • Brookfield Place supports an active, vibrant public realm that is an inviting and memorable part of the city fabric. The design skillfully introduces modern architecture while preserving the historical nature of the site. Tree-shaded benches provide places to rest between the tower lobby and the heritage buildings.

Supportive workspaces

  • The interior design of the building was specifically required to support high staff performance, flexible-working environments that support mobility, effective communication and knowledge sharing. Nearly all employees are within 10 metres of natural daylight. Internal stairs also connect floors encouraging physical activity. Level 45 is a communal floor open to all employees providing individual working space, casual meeting spaces, video conferencing facilities and eating areas.

Sensitivity to place

  • The development preserves and reactivates a number of heritage places that have been under-utilised and boarded-up for 25 years.  The heritage buildings provide the backdrop for a new civic space that includes a vibrant retail and entertainment precinct. Brookfield Place is now a location for small bars, restaurants and cafes. The area is a destination for office workers during the day and into the evening.

Permeable site

  • The small courtyards connect the lower levels of the heritage buildings into a series of high quality alfresco spaces, sheltered from the wind and sun. Open plaza spaces, lightweight bridges and artwork elements encourage people to visit and move through the site.
Project team
  • Aspen Group
  • DEGW
  • Fitzpatrick + Partners
Project cost

$500 million


In addition to providing innovative building design, Brookfield Place has a number of other health, economic, environmental, social and use benefits.

Health value
  • Brookfield Place has a focus on providing the best quality commercial space. An important component of quality is supporting the health of the occupants. Brookfield Place provides end-of-trip facilities for cyclists, including 550 bike spaces.
  • The internal design of the building provides stairwells between floors to encourage stair use over lifts.
Economic value
  • Brookfield Place was fully pre-leased to international companies ahead of schedule, demonstrating a demand for premium-grade office development by large, internationally recognised businesses in Perth.
Environmental value
  • Brookfield Place has been awarded a ‘5-Star Green Star – Office Design v2 Certified Rating’ by the Green Building Council of Australia and the tower has been designed to target a NABERS Energy rating of 4.5 Stars. The grey-water system will recycle up to 10,000 litres of water a day.
  • There are a number of energy saving initiatives at Brookfield Place with destination control lifts, T4 light fixtures, LED and zoned lighting. With two lighting control panels per floor and motion sensors throughout the building design is energy efficient. 
Social value
  • The design of Brookfield Place preserved and enhanced the use of heritage spaces. The Aspen Group moved into the heritage-listed Newspaper House building as it was close to the heart of Perth CBD and adjacent to the new Brookfield Place development. A new 1,280m2 interior design fit-out focused on the one internal staircase allowing staff circulation, knowledge sharing and health benefits.
  • Brookfield Place has established a series of events to encourage the community to utilise the space, such as Chinese New Year celebrations and Indigenous art exhibitions. 
Use value
  • The design of the building ensures a strong presence on the Perth skyline while preserving the human scale experience on the ground floor. 
  • The site, an entire city block, had been dormant and unused for over 25 years. Redevelopment of Brookfield Place has increased accessibility and permeability of the Perth CBD, increasing use and providing improved levels of connectivity.
  • The adaptive re-use of historic buildings has resulted in a range of new contemporary uses. Quality design has ensured the development of a series of beautiful introverted spaces, deliberately blurring the line between public and private use. This makes the space more inviting and contributes to a lively public realm.
  • Staff and visitors can easily access the site from the bus port and Esplanade Train Station.


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