Council House 2

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Type of Project
Local Government Initiative

The City of Melbourne aims to achieve zero emissions for the municipality by 2020. A major contribution to this strategy is the reduction in energy consumption of commercial buildings by 50%. Council House 2 (CH2), located at 218-240 Little Collins St in Melbourne, was piloted in an effort to provide a working example of sustainable building for the local development market. The brief was for a design that relied on passive energy systems as far as possible, while still producing a premium grade building.

Sustainable design concepts

DesignInc worked in collaboration with the City of Melbourne to design a commercial space that promotes a more interactive role between the city and nature.

Interior view of office showing chilled beam.
Interior view of office showing chilled beam.

The design emphasis was aimed at not only utilising the latest sustainable design concepts, but to meet the stringent requirements of the (then-newly developed) Green Star Rating process. The result exceeded expectation with CH2 being awarded Australia’s First 6 Star Green Star rating for a commercial office building. 

Exterior street facade showing sun shading devices.
Exterior street facade showing sun shading devices.

Initiatives incorporated in the design include 100% fresh air throughout the building, extensive daylight to all floors, heat removal through thermal mass, chilled beam and ceiling units. Innovative waste water harvesting, purification and storage were introduced. Cooling systems such as internal air purging assisted by roof turbines, shower towers to cool water and purify air were also implemented. The economic and environmental benefits achieved exceeded expectations.

Project team

  • City of Melbourne
  • DesignInc

Project cost

$51 million

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