Geelong Active Streets

Design Feature
Type of Project
Local Government Initiative

The Geelong Active Streets Event was a creative cycling and walking event held in central Geelong in 2015. It enabled the community to take part in safe active travel, raise awareness of sustainable transport, and additionally allowed the Council to trial initiatives such as a priority bike route, bike valet and bike parking.

Safe active travel

The City of Greater Geelong sought to deliver an event that would enable the community to experience and enjoy safe active travel, whilst supporting current and future Council active travel initiatives. After consulting with multiple Council departments and local advocacy group Bike Safe, it was decided to trial a section of the Principal Bicycle Network linking Geelong West and central Geelong. 

Coreflute Signage.
Coreflute Signage.

To make the temporary priority bicycle route attractive, fun and safe for the community to ride, Co Design Studio (a place making and urban design consultancy that helps create low‐cost improvements to streets and public spaces) were contracted to implement and evaluate the temporary bicycle route. Creative and colourful way‐finding signage was installed on the road, shared pedestrian/bike zones, and on non‐regulatory traffic poles. Temporary materials used included corflute signs, chalk and decal stickers. 

Bike Valet Parking.
Bike Valet Parking.

To encourage people to trial the temporary priority bicycle route, family friendly activities including a bicycle and sneaker decorating station and simple bicycle maintenance were held in two locations around the route. Local points of interest were also highlighted. Volunteers were placed at difficult to navigate intersections along the route to help guide and support people around. The event also provided a platform to test a style of bike parking outside of a busy local café (removal of a car park and replaced with bike parking and signage) and a supervised bike valet service.

To encourage walking in central Geelong, Guru Dudu (a Melbourne-based Performer, Facilitator and Place Making consultant) was engaged to deliver two Silent Disco Walking Tours. Participants listened to music and comical commentary from Guru Dudu through supplied headphones while dancing the streets of central Geelong in spontaneous flash mob style. The event hoped to raise awareness about the benefits of active lifestyles (cycling and walking), build community awareness around active transport, and test the practicality of a permanent bicycle route through central Geelong, in keeping with Council’s strategic priorities for establishing a Principal Bicycle Network (PBN). As such, while the event was a short-term activity, it sought to establish long-term change.

Project team

  • City of Greater Geelong
  • CoDesign
  • Bike Safe
  • Local traders

Project cost

Approximately $40,000

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