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  • A network of interconnected cycle paths and public open space supports physical activity and enhances the visual amenity of the area.
    A network of interconnected cycle paths and public open space supports physical activity and enhances the visual amenity of the area.
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Evidence demonstrates that a place that is integrated with pedestrian and cycle movement networks supports active living. LandCorp’s South Yanchep project has been specifically designed to support a healthy active community. South Yanchep is a new 120ha residential land development that is expected to ultimately yield around 1,500 dwellings for approximately 2,900 future residents over the coming years.

Description of project

LandCorp’s vision for South Yanchep is to deliver an affordable and active coastal lifestyle where integrated design and development provides functional connections to the street, bush, beach and community. The development design will promote a healthy, active community using walkways, cycleways and public open space which connect the bush and the coast. 

To assist with developing its vision for South Yanchep, LandCorp established a community reference group to gain input from key stakeholders at the earliest stages of design. This included the community reference group’s participation in a three day Planning Design Forum with LandCorp’s planners and consultant team on Local Structure Planning.

Building upon this, LandCorp also sought input from other key stakeholders, including the Healthy Active by Design Project Team, City of Wanneroo, State and Federal government departments, and the building and exercise industry to ensure an integrated design approach that will deliver the project’s vision.

As a consequence, the development structure planning has considered a broad range of movement networks for pedestrians and cyclists with the objective of reducing car use for short journeys.  In addition, the public open space will be designed with physical activity in mind, including a series of integrated trails that incorporate a ‘Jacobs Ladder’, fixed and ‘esmart’ exercise equipment, and where possible, installation of walkways and outlooks to retain the natural landscape and views.

Project team
  • City of Wanneroo
  • Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Department of Planning
  • Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
  • Department of Transport
  • LandCorp
  • Western Australian Planning Commission
Project cost

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There are a number of health, economic, environmental, social and use benefits to a development with integrated pedestrian and cycle movement networks.

Health value

The development will provide a continuous path network throughout South Yanchep. This will incorporate public open space areas within the estate and provide connections to adjacent foreshore and regional open space areas and the existing path networks of adjacent developments and reserves. 

Some of the health benefits to the community at South Yanchep include; 

  • Trails and exercise equipment 
  • Access to the beach
  • Alternative play facilities
  • Abundant Public Open Space (POS)


Most developments have 10% retention of natural areas of play, bushlands and parks. South Yanchep will retain up to 14% overall. These will be retained in the following way:

  • A series of linked parks
  • Retention of trees and bushlands
  • A senior-size oval located at the proposed primary school
  • LandCorp is also working hard with its partners and suppliers to ensure the designs encourage healthy exercise and a healthy environment. 
Economic value
  • To support the community’s access to daily requirements a Neighbourhood Centre (up to 3,000m2) will be provided within the development. An integrated movement network will connect the community with the local centre providing opportunities to walk and cycle. 
  • An active community has access to employment opportunities. The South Yanchep Structure Plan incorporates three key elements to facilitate local economic development and employment for South Yanchep - support for a greater level of at-home job opportunities, job and learning opportunities within the development, and fostering of regional employment links and partnerships.  
Environmental value
  • The South Yanchep Structure Plan supports the preparation of a Bushland and Landform Management Strategy that identifies the key environmental values to be protected and addresses the selective retention of native vegetation (in road reserves, public parkland and lower density lots), the use of native landscape themes (for parkland, street trees and private landscape packages) and the possibility for reuse of cleared native vegetation. 
  • A landscape masterplan is being developed for public open space areas and will achieve water use efficiency through minimisation of turfed areas and the planting of local native species.
Social value
  • LandCorp has identified that providing for a variety of housing choices within a legible street network facilitates community interaction and opportunities for active living.   Housing choices will be provided through a range of dwelling types and innovative design to achieve climate responsive outcomes and a built form that enhances the community identity and provides long-term affordability and social benefits including the ability for residents to ‘age in place’. 
  • The South Yanchep Structure Plan has an objective to support an active and healthy community via access to a mix of land uses. LandCorp has undertaken planning to identify a range of facilities that service local needs (such as a community hall, civic buildings and churches) with a direct geographic relationship to the Neighbourhood Centre. 
Use value
  • The South Yanchep development proposes increased residential diversity and density in and around the neighbourhood centre, which will ensure improved access and promote after hours surveillance and use, increasing perceptions of safety.
  • The strategies of the South Yanchep Structure Plan will ensure the community can access the Neighbourhood Centre via all transport modes. These design strategies include locating the Neighbourhood Centre on a neighbourhood connector serviced by public transport, pedestrian and cycle routes, the provision of relevant infrastructure for all transport modes, and design requirements that ensure high amenity and functionality for all modes, particularly pedestrians.

Proposed Structure Plan No. 66 – South Yanchep, City of Wanneroo. Sourced on 29 April 2013 from:

South Yanchep, LandCorp. Sourced on 29 April 2013 from:

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