The WA Local Government Association (WALGA)

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The WALGA expansion in services resulted in pressures on the capacity of Local Government House at Altona Street in West Perth. The facilities no longer suited the business requirements of the organisation, including lack of suitable training facilities and meeting rooms. It did not reflect the contemporary sustainability philosophy of the Association. WALGA recognised the need for a custom-designed building and relocated to West Leederville to not only benefit the health of their staff but also the environment.

Description of project

WALGA is leading by example through user-friendly and sustainable building design. The total net lettable area is 6,500sqm and the ONE70 building provides customised office space for WALGA and elected members, including meeting rooms, a large boardroom, training facilities, on-site café and a boutique childcare centre. A landscaped pedestrian spine creates a connection between Subiaco and Leederville and incorporates vibrant public art, native plants from around Western Australia. Recycled building materials from the previous buildings on the site incorporated into the landscaping and external meeting area. 

Project team
  • Qube Property Group Pty
  • Hassell Architects
Health value

WALGA aims to achieve and sustain healthier lifestyles in the workplace through providing physical activity programs and encouraging healthy food options and education. The sit-stand meeting desks, work stations and lunchroom tables encourage in-office movement while end-of-trip facilities and bicycle racks allow staff and visitors to ride to work. Healthy eating is encouraged through free fruit for staff every Wednesday and a balanced choice of catering for events. SmartRiders and an e-bike are also available for staff to engage in activity when traveling to external meetings. 

Economic value

The WALGA building implements effective cost control and value adding throughout the project to ensure best economy in design and construction is achieved within budgetary constraints. The design also reduced life cycle occupancy costs per employee and variable and fixed outgoings associated with the short, medium and long term operation of the building. It allows for minimised costs associated with future upgrade/retrofit of technologies associated with the building.

Environmental value

WALGA was awarded a 5 Star Green Star rating as certified by the Green Building Council of Australia, with a commitment to achieving the ‘As Designed’, ‘As Built’ and ‘Fit-Out’ ratings and a 5 Star AGBR rating or higher as certified by SEDO, with a commitment to using this tool as an ongoing audit mechanism to ensure green outcomes are maintained and improved on over time. The building design maximises the use of innovative design and current/emerging technology to minimize the environmental footprint of the building and reduces the need to import and export water by recycling its own water. 



Social value

The building design and elevation embraces “contemporary” and “timeless” architectural design, makes use of natural materials and is generally in harmony with the design and elevation of surrounding architecture. It delivers a high standard of functionality and accessibility in building design that meets the requirements stipulated in the design and fit-out brief. It has a positive impact on health and wellbeing of employees and visitors to the building. The design and fit out is aligned to the functional and aesthetic needs of employees to maximise productivity improvements and it also creates an external environment that promotes appropriate integration/interaction with the community.  

Type of project
Local Government Initiative
Scale of project
Individual Site