Apply for temporary use of Public Open Space in Melbourne

No information availableIn an increasingly urbanised environment, our access to public open space is more important than ever.

In an exciting initiative, over 33,000 hectares of vacant land owned by Melbourne Water is now part of a program which encourages community members to apply to use the land.

The Melbourne Water Our Space Your Place portal has an interactive GIS map to search for available land by address, and provides details of the availability, size and potential uses of Melbourne Water's many hectares of land.

The land is colour-coded, making it easy to find and understand how it can be used. Applicants can use the portal to make a formal application for the temporary use of land. Uses of land which have been approved to date include community gardens, playgrounds, murals and other public art displays, wetland vegetation planting and a 10km bike path which links existing trails.

Check out the tool and find available land near you.