Australian Walking & Cycling Conference: July 18-19 Adelaide

Low Tech Movement In A High Tech World

Walking and cycling can be seen as simple activities in a world where technology is becoming increasingly complex. Our theme 'low tech movement in a high tech world' explores the interplay between simplicity and complexity.

  • Can complex technologies help us to plan, build, advocate for and encourage walking and cycling?
  • Will big data, crowd sourcing, gamification, augmented reality, techno gadgets and smart systems get us active, diminish congestion and ultimately contribute to CO2 reductions?
  • Or do the simplicity of walking and cycling provide an antidote to our busy, connected, hyper, high tech ways of being?
  • Do solutions to our cities' problems need to be complex, or is a simple approach all we need?

You will no doubt bring your own informed views which will be enriched through engagement with our keynote speakers and other participants.

Keynote speaker Dr. Elliot Fishman is a highly-regarded consultant and academic with a world-wide reputation for his knowledge about and analysis of public bike share schemes. Such schemes begin with simple cycles (and continue that way in Adelaide today) but the possible tech additions to bikes or bases are many. (And now even bases may not be important). Elliot's contribution embodies our theme perfectly and practically. He will stir us to further conversations.

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