Housing for Life: Designed for Living

The Office of the Ageing (OFTA) has launched its Policy Framework for the Development of an Ageing Well Industry in South Australia.

Population ageing is reshaping our society, markets, and the thinking of government. Already 34% of South Australians are over 50 years – but more amazingly - in the Asia Pacific region 1.26 billion people will be over 65 by 2050!

There is obviously going to be a huge surge in age-related industries and services in the coming years, and this new Policy Framework will raise the profile of economic opportunities for South Australia. The OFTA Age Friendly SA work has identified the Housing and Accommodation sector as their first priority as it is key to positive ageing, as well as ageing in the community.

The new Housing for Life: Designed for Living report presents the findings from a research project by TACSI called Innovation in Social Housing 90 Day Project. The principles for age-friendly housing and neighbourhood design are identified as:

  • Choice 
  • Quality
  • Wellbeing 
  • Design 
  • Cost
  • Smart 
  • Access

Many of these link in and are compatible with the Healthy Active By Design work, particularly Access, which talks about the importance of close proximity to transport, services and the community as being fundamental to living and ageing well, as are neighbourhoods that are easy to get around and foster active living choices.

Older people living in social housing were involved in the research and identified design that supports physical activity, social interaction, access to green spaces, and pedestrian, bicycle and mobility scooter-friendly precincts as being essential. This is great work by OFTA, that will benefit us all.