New SA Planning Community Engagement Charter - Released for Consultation

The new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 calls for the introduction of a Community Engagement Charter, a document that will change the way DPTI consult with communities when setting or changing planning policies.

The Charter has been developed with community representatives and is based around 8 principles:
1. Inclusion and participation is genuine.
2. People affected are meaningfully engaged and those interested have an opportunity to participate.
3, Differing views are acknowledged, respected and considered.
4. People have access to complete information that they can understand, they know about proposals and the impacts of potential outcomes.
5. Engagement processes make clear the reasons for the outcomes and decisions.
6. Engagement is accountable and improving.
7. Engagement is targeted, flexible, scalable and specific.
8. People recognise that decision making often involves interests being supported and others not.

Submissions close 6th October.