A suburb's walkability, now a selling point

It seems that the more walkable a suburb, the more desirable a place it is to live.

Real estate companies in SA are using Walkscore to rate suburbs and to promote them as supporting a healthier lifestyle. See report on South Australia’s most walkable suburbs.

Not surprisingly, Adelaide's CBD is rated the most walkable suburb, followed by Glenelg, Stepney, Norwood, North Adelaide, Hilton, Hyde Park then Exeter.

These suburbs are all characterised by having character terrace housing, and being medium-density, with close proximity to regular public transport, and a main street.

Healthy walkable neighbourhoods are places where people can afford to live, work and play. They offer a wide range of services that can easily be reached on foot or by bicycle.

A neighbourhood's walkability features can be assessed using The Healthy Active By Design Movement Network checklist.