Cobar Skate Park

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New South Wales

The Cobar Skate Park was developed as a joint community project through a partnership between Cobar Shire Council and Peak Gold Mines. Peak had previously expressed interest in working with Council to fund a community project, as they wanted to provide infrastructure that would encourage their workforce (men and women predominantly with young families) to live in Cobar and enjoy the lifestyle.

Integrating cultural heritage

Through strong collaboration with a Community Committee, residents and schools, Council constructed a new state-of-the-art Skate Park in 2014. It replaced a flat bituminised area that contained a basic steel structure and quarter pipe that were outdated, too hot to use in summer and dangerous. Since its construction, the Skate Park has continued to receive tremendous community support and remains a valuable community asset.

Community members identified the need to develop a new Skate Park and established a Community Committee to initiate this project. This aligned with the Shire’s 2012 Youth Development Plan which listed a Skate Park as a high priority, to provide local youth with relevant community facilities. The committee investigated designs, costs and approached Cobar Shire Council for assistance to get their project off the ground. Cobar Shire Council and Peak Gold Mines provided seed funding for a consultant to review the proposed site and develop a business case based on community consultation and findings. Once a business case had been developed, Council applied to the Federal Government, under the then Regional Development Australia Fund, for a $200 thousand grant. This demonstration of strong partnerships was key to the success of the grant. With funding, Cobar Shire Council tendered the project and Precision Skate Parks were successful. Precision Skate Parks were responsible for designing and constructing the Skate Park and involved the community throughout all stages of the project.

The design includes a bucket from a mining machine that is skated on.
The design includes a bucket from a mining machine that is skated on.

Council identified the proposed site as an opportunity to further develop and establish the Youth Centre and Drummond Park, as a destination for families to engage with one another. The Cobar Skate Park was designed to complement the existing topography of the site, whilst blending seamlessly into the existing sporting and recreational facilities. It is conveniently located between the park playground, drop-in centre and the sports facility at the Youth Centre.

Children of all ages use the skate park, on scooter, bike and skateboard.
Children of all ages use the skate park, on scooter, bike and skateboard.

As Cobar is a mining town, the cultural heritage has been integrated into the design of the space, to respond positively to the area and generate a strong sense of place. The design includes a bucket from a mining machine that is skated on, and machine parts are used for seating. The colour of the bowl (red) represents the colour of the earth around Cobar, further acknowledging the surrounding environment in which the Park is located.

The Skate Park is primarily constructed of reinforced concrete, and includes a range of areas that were designed to flow together and allow a natural progression of the skill levels of users. The facility is comparable to those in city areas, with a bowl, complex street course, shade, a viewing area and landscaping.

Project team

  • Cobar Council
  • Peak Gold Mines
  • Community Committee
  • Precision Skate Parks

Project cost

Total cost $45 Thousand

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