Macquarie Mall

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New South Wales

In 2015, as part of a series of major works to reinvigorate the heart of the Liverpool Central Business District, Liverpool City Council initiated construction on a project to revitalise Macquarie Mall. The Mall is centrally located, providing an important retail corridor that links the Westfield Shopping Mall and proposed Universities with public transport and the city centre. The project has seen Macquarie Mall transformed into an active and vibrant space, providing the community with an area to come together for food, recreation and shopping.

An active community space

In 2017, Liverpool City Council completed the final stage of construction on the revitalisation of Macquarie Mall. The project was part of the wider ‘Building Our New City’ initiative, which aimed to position Liverpool as the vibrant and dynamic capital of South West Sydney. During the planning and development process, Council consulted property owners and shopkeepers in Macquarie Mall, business groups, community members and Council staff to understand the local needs of the residents and retailers.

Catenary lighting illuminates the corridor in the evening.
Catenary lighting illuminates the corridor in the evening.

The project transformed a previously unattractive streetscape into an active community space, creating a destination with a strong sense of place, which provides the community with retail, dining, play and cultural opportunities. The revitalisation of this corridor has been key in the success of gaining momentum in Council’s city centre activation. The project was implemented through a three-stage plan to allow businesses to operate while the work was underway. 

The water play area is fun for kids and creates a sense of place for adults.
The water play area is fun for kids and creates a sense of place for adults.

When evaluating the project, Liverpool City Council sought feedback from stakeholders for future planning use. While the overall feedback about the ‘new look’ and vibrancy of the Mall was positive, there were issues around the Council’s communication strategy with stakeholders during the project. 

Stakeholders felt that the strategy to promote the Mall as ‘open for business’ during the construction period was fragmented and would have benefited from a more strategic approach from the initial concept stages. Subsequently, Council has employed a dedicated coordinator to engage with stakeholders and activate the Macquarie Mall precinct. However, they acknowledge that the program should have been considered earlier in the project to better support local businesses and the broader community during the upgrades.

The key components of the project consisted of:

  • A new playground and water play area
  • The addition of a large outdoor screen for movies, sports and entertainment including video games
  • Renewed landscaping and irrigation
  • Furniture upgrades
  • Installation of umbrellas and outdoor dining structures
  • Catenary lighting
  • Granite paving

Project team

Liverpool City Council

Project cost

$12 million

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