Oxford Street Leederville

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Placemaking, Local Government Initiative
Western Australia

Oxford Street, Leederville and the surrounding streets are an excellent example of mixed-use development with a focus on a main street design supporting healthy active community outcomes. Leederville is home to restaurants, cafes and unique retail stores. There is a skate park, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) and supporting Oxford Foyer campus. In addition, there are a number of government departments, such as the Water Corporation, the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the City of Vincent with offices in the area. These diverse land uses are well serviced by the Leederville Train Station.

A vibrant destination

The community, through the Vincent Vision 2024 process, identified a number of City qualities, which they wanted to preserve. For the Leederville town centre, they wanted a strong civic heart with an informal character and style. The community wanted to preserve the vibrant mix of land use and activities and supported interesting design and a mix of residential housing. The town centre was to preserve the 1900’s-era facades to the main street, reinforcing a strong sense of place. 

Oxford Street, Leederville

The vision for Leederville was expressed in a series of principles, some of which would allow for Oxford Street to meet is full potential:

  • Encourage development to reflect contemporary planning, urban design and strategic approaches to town centre revitalisation.
  • Support a built environment on a human scale and in a style evoking an eclectic village atmosphere. 
  • Establish a strong sense of place through preservation of the heritage and iconic buildings, in particular the traditional shop fronts.
  • Encourage new development to reflect exemplary, contemporary and environmentally friendly designs.
  • Require convenient and efficient public transport, with integrated transport connections, to provide easy access to the town centre from all parts of the Perth Metropolitan Area.
  • Consolidate and intensify activity, encouraging a diverse mix of uses and a strong residential presence.
  • Establish a welcoming environment and strong sense of arrival at approach and entry points to the town centre, slowing traffic and creating interest in the area.
  • Provide the best contemporary town centre management, ensuring a safe, clean, well maintained area with local businesses actively involved in improving the area.

This was reinforced in the Imagine Vincent – Strategic Community Plan process which outlined the following priorities for the City:

  • Enhanced Environment;
  • Accessible City;
  • Connected Community;
  • Thriving Places;
  • Sensitive Design; and
  • Innovative & Accountable.
Oxford Street, Leederville

The adopted Leederville Town Centre Masterplan divides the Leederville town centre into eight precincts, with specific design guidelines for development. The guidelines aim to retain the current character and ‘feel’ of Oxford Street, whilst integrating and acknowledging the need for re-development.

The City is preparing a Precinct Structure Plan for the area which will adapt the existing Town Centre Master Plan, through research and consultation, to an updated planning framework which will guide future development of the area whilst maintaining the established character. Additionally, the City is preparing a Place Plan for the town centre which will guide investment in the public realm to enhance the vibrancy, character, and ability to access the town centre on foot, bicycle, or public transportation.

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  • City of Vincent 

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