Pelzer Park / Pityarilla Activity Hub (Park 19)

Design Feature
Type of Project
Local Government Initiative
South Australia

In June 2016, the Minister for the City of Adelaide announced Pelzer Park/Pityarilla Activity Hub (Park 19) as the first major project under the Park Lands Demonstration Project Fund. The project aimed to create an exemplary, community park in Adelaide’s southern Park Lands, providing a variety of recreation and play opportunities serviced by high-quality facilities and amenities. 

A key recreation destination

Working closely and collaboratively with all stakeholders, the Park is now a large multifunctional recreational space nestled within the South Park Lands. The project successfully combines the park’s heritage and culture, and is set to be a unique, vibrant and inspiring destination for all to enjoy.

Children playing at Pelzer Park
Children playing at Pelzer Park

Encompassing the frequently visited ‘Marshmallow Playground’, The Park reinforces the site’s role as a key recreation destination in the South Park Lands with strong pedestrian and cycle connections enabling a wide range of visitors to access the site.

Pelzer Park is an engaging and inclusive community facility
Pelzer Park is an engaging and inclusive community facility

The project is more than a large community park of some 53 thousand square metres. It encompasses a series of carefully designed natural and created spaces that provide a multitude of active and passive recreation spaces. It has a strong connection to the wider Adelaide community and encourages them to play, rest and explore. 

The space has been designed to be multi-generational and can be enjoyed by a wide range of users with stakeholder-guided elements such as:

  • Play – including the fenced ‘Marshmallow Playground’ with play features suitable for kids of all ages.
  • Central meeting plaza
  • Irrigated grass zone with spectator mounding. Suitable for informal ball sports and picnics
  • Courts and Paths
  • South Park Lands Creek
  • Dog Park with separate areas for large and small dogs

Project Team

  • City of Adelaide
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)

Consultant Team: Park

  • ASPECT Studios: Landscape Architecture and Play Design
  • Southfront: Civil & WSUD Engineering
  • Lucid Consulting: Electrical / Hydraulic engineering
  • Cameron Consulting: Irrigation design
  • Struktura: Structural Engineering
  • Nature Play: PSLA & Climbing Tree
  • Rider Levett Bucknell: Quantity Surveyor

Consultant Team: South Park Lands Creek

  • Australian Water Environments: Civil Engineering
  • Hemisphere Design: Landscape Architecture

Construction Team:

  • LCS Landscapes

Project Cost

$4.5 Million

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