Playford Alive

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South Australia

Playford Alive is a major community and urban renewal project in Northern Adelaide. The project encompasses redevelopment of existing suburbs of Davoren Park and Smithfield Plains and 500 hectares of greenfield development in Munno Para, Andrews Farm and Eyre (approximately 1000 hectares in total). Playford Alive is a partnership project between the South Australian Government (Renewal SA and SA Housing Authority), the City of Playford and the community. Commencing in 2008, Playford Alive is being delivered over a 15-year timeframe. Playford Alive has several key objectives including, community education, capacity building and cohesion, as well as economic benefits and good governance

Playford Alive is a major development joining new and existing suburbs through urban development, regeneration and a community renewal initiative that is transforming Adelaide’s outer northern suburbs. The Playford Alive greenfield component of the project includes a master planned community of some 240 hectares of broad acre land in Munno Para and future development of undeveloped lots. The urban renewal component comprises the redevelopment of 1147 public housing dwellings and community facilities. This project links in with the Healthy Active by Design Features: Housing Diversity, Community Facilities, Destinations, Movement Networks and Sense of Place.

The project is establishing a new community with a diverse mix of housing options to increase residential density and active transport to the new town centre and a broad range of commercial facilities and services, new schools, state-of-the-art parks and recreation spaces. Playford alive has a wide range of housing choices, supporting a connected and diverse community that can access a range of facilities via active transport. Playford Alive is accessible via bus services, improved train services, dedicated bike trails and a new transit interchange at Munno Para to make Playford Alive an active and connected community. On completion, around 40,000 people will call Playford Alive home.

Playford Alive is in a mature state of development (approximately halfway through delivery); with the core commercial facilities and services available to a thriving new community. With more than 1150 new homes already built, the residents of Playford Alive are reaping the benefits of this master-planned community.

As part of the planning for Playford Alive, the community was invited to participate in a charrette process to develop the master plan. The charrette process is an intensive planning session where citizens, designers and others collaborate on a vision for the development. Community representatives have continued to participate through project delivery via an engaged Community Reference Group. Specific projects, for example the award-winning Town Park, were developed with community input at the design stage.

Playford Alive has also developed an evaluation process with a set of benchmarks to measure success over the life of the project. A mix of census data and community feedback is used to evaluate how the project is tracking against its original objectives.

Project Team

  • Renewal SA (Lead Agency)
  • SA Housing Authority
  • City of Playford
  • Playford Alive Community Reference Group

Project Cost

  • $442 Million (State Government investment)

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