The Goods Shed

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Western Australia

Managed and curated by FORM, The Goods Shed is a social and cultural project delivered in a repurposed rail shed, located alongside the train station in Claremont, Western Australia.

Connecting community with creativity

The project houses an interactive, open-plan gallery, as well as creative space that fosters collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas. The space additionally includes coffee pod for public use and hosts various creative events and high-profile exhibitions.

The Goods Shed Launch (Photograph by Jessica Wyld, courtesy of FORM)
The Goods Shed Launch (Photograph by Jessica Wyld, courtesy of FORM)

Works on site began in February 2016 and the space was launched to the public in August that same year. With an ongoing series of artist residencies, creative workshops and public programming, The Goods Shed seeks to fuel the way people think, plan and act with imagination and innovation.

Scribblers Festival (Photograph by Taryn Hays, courtesy of FORM)
Scribblers Festival (Photograph by Taryn Hays, courtesy of FORM)

Accessible to anyone and everyone, The Goods Shed aims to connect, comfort and inspire, to engage people of all ages in creative learning, and to nourish new generations of innovative thinkers. The project is about investing in artistic talent, celebrating out-of-the-box thinking, growing opportunities for creative professionals and embedding art and creativity within community to change and grow a neighbourhood.

Originally constructed in 1887, The Goods Shed is included in Western Australia’s State Register of Heritage Places. The building had been disused for more than a decade and had become dilapidated and decrepit. In 2015, LandCorp released an Expression of Interest, looking for organisations who could activate the space and create a connection between Claremont’s historic town centre and the new Claremont on the Park development to the north. FORM responded in March 2015 with a proposal to develop The Goods Shed as a vibrant creative hub offering an engaging cultural program which was internationally relevant and grounded in the local community.

Griffiths Architects volunteered to consult on heritage aspects of the project and Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland volunteered to design and document the project. A period of heritage assessment, contracting of architects and builders, design development and approvals processes was then undertaken by FORM. Once approvals from the Town of Claremont and State Heritage were attained, the restoration works began. In August 2016, once all works were completed, The Goods Shed was officially opened with the launch of FORM’s public program.

The Goods Shed (Photograph by Bewley Shaylor, courtesy of FORM)
The Goods Shed (Photograph by Bewley Shaylor, courtesy of FORM)

With its proximity to the Claremont Train Station and development, its public grounds and the connected, walkable gardens, The Goods Shed offers opportunities for active recreation, social engagement and play. The building co-locates a café offering healthy, high quality food and top shelf coffee with a gallery and creative project space, maximising community interaction and use of the space. Located along a popular bike park and bustling train station, The Goods Shed is also popular amongst pedestrians and cyclists.

Creative Learning workshop (Photograph by Taryn Hays, courtesy of FORM)
Creative Learning workshop (Photograph by Taryn Hays, courtesy of FORM)

The venue engenders a strong sense of place and of community in multiple ways. In addition to acknowledging and preserving the heritage of the space in which the project is delivered, The Goods Shed offers residents and visitors opportunities to meet and interact within an attractive, vibrant and interesting space.

Project Team

  • FORM Building a State of Creativity and Landcorp. 
  • Griffiths Architects – Heritage Assessment
  • Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland – Architects
  • Cooper & Oxley – Builders.

Project Cost