Active Streets in Action: Hobart Council to Reduce Speed Limits in CBD

City of Hobart Council have recently announced that speed limits will be reduced to 40km/h in Hobart’s Central Business District from February 2021. The move comes after the Tasmanian Transport Commission provided its support for the proposed reduction. 

The move intends to improve the quality, experience and safety of its commercial, retail and urban areas, resulting in a calmer urban environment. It supports a recent Heart Foundation Survey What Australia Wants, which indicated that six out of 10 Tasmanians are supportive of local governments reducing speed limits in neighbourhoods. 

The Council will progress further applications for 40km/h speed limits in suburban retail precincts once the Central Business District speed limit changes have taken place.

The Heart Foundation have supported the City of Hobart with moves to reduce speed limits, and are pleased to see this progress as it will be beneficial for neighbourhoods as well as the city centre.

Hobart Waterfront Renewal - Photography: Brad Harris

The Heart Foundation is also supporting similar speed control measures to help create safe streets and increase opportunities for physical activity and active travel in locations across Australia, including the recent reports from Fremantle, Western Australia.

Slower streets was one of the Heart Foundations’ three calls to action in Active Streets, and we are thrilled to see progress with another example of active streets in action!

You can find more information on the City of Hobart Council’s speed limit reduction initiative here.