Better infrastructure and closer destinations

A recent Heart Foundation survey of around 1000 residents* has asked people why they would or would not walk for transport and identified their most significant infrastructure barriers to walking.

Most (78%) wanted to see better quality footpaths, and better lighting. The provision of regular water fountains was requested to facilitate walking, and most people cited the weather (56%) and lack of shade as reasons they chose not to walk, while women would not walk if they had concerns around safety.

The residents surveyed were also keen to see a lowering of the speed limit around schools, childcare and aged care facilities and recreation venues like parks, playgrounds, tourism and entertainment areas. Residents mostly walked to destinations for health and fitness reasons, but many were concerned about the environment, or used it as a way to reduce their cost of living.  

People in metro areas were willing to walk up to 20 minutes to their destination (65%). However, having heavy bags (41%) or lack of time (39%) were the main barriers. 

The Heart Foundation is listening to our community and is advocating for change based on what we heard and the best available evidence to support our asks. 

We advocate for policy, education, programs and environments that support more active living; focusing on walking for recreation and transport.

We want healthy choices to be the easy choices, and all Australians to live in cities and neighborhoods that support heart health and wellbeing. 

* Survey conducted in QLD, 80% female respondents.

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