HAbD principles for major redevelopments

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) has released an Implementation Strategy that embeds the Healthy Active by Design framework into their urban renewal and placemaking projects, which are of strategic importance across metropolitan Perth. The MRA delivers the State Government’s planning portfolio and is guided by a unique Parliamentary Act and set of regulations.  

The Implementation Strategy clearly identifies a pathway of how, when and where to embed health outcomes into projects and mechanisms to measure them. The Implementation Strategy details how each of the HAbD design features are to be incorporated within the MRA placemaking model.  

The MRA have demonstrated their commitment to Healthy Active by Design's research on how the built environment impacts health and wellbeing by aligning their strategic initiatives with HAbD's design features.  

The implementation plan detailing how HAbD will be integrated into the placemaking model will be available on the MRA website soon. 

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