Walking to make great strides for Queenslanders’ health

After extensive consultation was conducted in early 2019 with stakeholders, experts and organisations from across the state, including the Heart Foundation, Queensland has a Walking Strategy!

Supporting Queenslanders to walk more often is at the heart of the state’s first ever Walking Strategy.

Research shows Queenslanders are walking more on average each week than they were 10 years ago, but factors that discourage people to walk include the distances to destinations, lack of shade and shelter, and lack of suitable paths. Governments at all levels could support people to walk more often by ensuring walking was more prominently considered in planning and public design, including more shade and better connected pathways. Embedding ‘walkability’ in planning, creating more pedestrian friendly precincts and promoting walking tourism are some of the actions outlined in the Queensland Government’s 10-year plan.

Queenslanders were in desperate need for action for walking! Almost 40% of the journeys taken in south east Queensland are under one kilometre, and people are still choosing to drive. A $2.5 million budget will be invested in walking initiatives across the state over the next three years to support the plan.

Heart Foundation Queensland CEO Stephen Vines welcomed the plan to get Queenslanders moving more.

“Regular walking is one of the best choices to reduce your risk of heart disease, so we want to see Queenslanders leaving the car at home more often and walking to work, school or the local shops,” Mr Vines said.

“The Queensland Walking Strategy will give people more opportunity to make a healthy choice in how they get from A to B and help them take steps towards a more active lifestyle.”

The action plan would be monitored and updated every two years to ensure the strategy’s vision and objectives were being met and the Heart Foundation advocates for this result.

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