Way2Go - Active Travel to School

Providing good walking and cycling routes around schools encourages active travel and has a positive effect on mental and physical health. The two most important factors supporting active school travel are distance to school and features of the built environment- including pedestrian infrastructure, traffic and perceptions of safety.

Way2Go is a South Australian program geared to promoting active travel for primary school students and their communities.


  • Promotes the development of safe, people-friendly local streets in the school precinct to support independent student travel  
  • Encourages children and the community to walk safely; to ride bikes or scooters; and to use public transport for school travel  
  • Supports students to be safe walkers, bike riders and passengers – provides a bike education program
  • Uses evidence-based practice to make decisions about planning and classroom teaching.

Way2Go is a great example of Healthy Active By Design Movement Networks evidence and checklist in practice.

New Way2Go video case studies are now up on their website

In April 2019, Way2Go launched a new online portal to support families.

The Heart Foundation’s vision is that every child who can, walks, cycles or takes public transport to and from school on safe and pleasant streets. We advocate for governments to invest in safer, greener and more active school travel.

See active travel to school in action!