Former Active Living NSW and former PCAL Resources

This page presents the key resources developed under the former Active Living NSW and former Premier's Council for Active Living (PCAL) from 2004 - 2020.  Jump to:


For Councils

There are many ways in which councils, local health districts and other stakeholders can promote liveability through the local government strategic planning processes. This series of resources unpacks exactly which plans, at which times, can be amended to include community liveability and includes practical hints and tips on how ensure strategic consistency across the required plans and legislation. 

Liveability and Local Government, 2020

This new guide provides a framework for how councils in NSW can embed liveability principles across the strategic planning processes, and how stakeholders can support this to happen. A comprehensive explanation of the parts of the Local Government Act 1993 and the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 which can be used as levers for liveability. Aimed at council strategic planners and stakeholders, including Local Health District staff. 

Liveability and Local Government

Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, 2020

A holistic update of the seminal 2010 resource, deep diving into the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework for councils in NSW. This resource explains how each of the elements of the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework can be utilised to support liveability principles.

Embedding liveability through the IP&R framework

Quick guide, 2020

This handy reference guide summarises how councils can integrate liveability principles into their business as usual. This resource is outcome focussed for the busy planner and includes:

  • Conversation starters - how can liveability be discussed during community consultation?
  • Examples to include in key strategic documents
  • A simple checklist to guide preparation of strategic plans

Putting the how in the how to: liveability in planning

For developers

We know that the development industry can include features in their designs, subdivisions and buildings that will encourage future tenants and residents to be healthy and active. These resources, developed in 2020 make the case for why these inclusions should be present, and how they can benefit all parties.

How to... by typology

There are a plethora of resources to help achieve liveable outcomes through development. Here, we've picked the best ones to focus the conversation in four different development stages and types: 

  • The development process
  • Masterplanning
  • Buildings
  • Landscaping

Benefits for developers

We know that environments that support health and wellbeing are good... but just how good are they for developers and consumers? Find out with these posters

  • Benefits for developers: liveability and the bottom line