Community Walkability Checklist

A tool for every Australian to rate their local walk.

Did you know that most Australians can significantly reduce their risk of heart disease, Australia’s biggest killer, by walking 30 minutes or more most days each week?

If so, what you likely didn’t know is that people who live in ‘walkable communities’ are two times as likely to get enough physical activity.

‘Walkability’ describes the factors within the environment that make it convenient, comfortable and safe to walk, which can either help or discourage walking.

Surprisingly, there are many areas across Australia that have a poor walkability rating. With your help we can help change that.

Rating the walkability of a neighbourhood or regular walking route

The Heart Foundation believes residents know and understand their neighbourhood better than anyone else.

Our Community Walkability Checklist is an easy way for them to assess how walkable their neighbourhood is, guiding them through each element of the environment, helping to identify and understand what contributes to walkability.

It is intended that our Checklist is used by a resident in the community and any completed checklists returned inform council of local walkability priorities. The checklist is not directly intended as a professional audit tool.  

How to use the checklist

1. Download and read the checklist

The file can be printed locally and sent (post/scanned and emailed). The other can be completed online, saved and emailed back to us.

2. Go on a regular walk

Think about the various elements, complete or take notes and pictures along the way.

3. Complete checklist

Decide on a rating for each section and overall, enter any notes that will help explain the rating

4. Post or email back the Heart Foundation

Once sent to the Heart Foundation, each completed checklist will provide structured feedback to share with the local council and help identify what community priorities are when it comes to walking in their neighbourhood.

5. If anything seen on a walk needs immediate attention we encourage users to call their local council immediately to report it.

  • Printable Checklist

    Download, print at home and post back to us.

  • Online Checklist

    Complete online, save and email back to us.

  • Partners and Supporters Toolkit

    Helping you promote the checklist to your networks.

  • Order printed copies to be delivered

    Order multiple copies from our online store to be delivered directly to you.

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