Interview videos

Watch these interviews with built environment professionals to hear more about designing green cities, the future of play, active communities, and more. 

Trevor Shilton on Healthy Active by Design

Trevor Shilton is the Director of Active Living at the Heart Foundation. In this interview, he explains the Healthy Active by Design program and how to use it to design communities that promote good health.

Billie Giles-Corti on the benefits of density

From RMIT university, Billie Giles-Corti is the Urban Futures Enabling Capability Platforms Director. Here, she discusses how we should be planning and providing the right mix of infrastructure to cater for a population that will double in the next three decades. 

Roni Beauchamp on good environments and good health

Roni Beauchamp, Healthy Living Manager at the Heart Foundation (Victoria) tells us that “everyone should have access to environments that allow them to pursue a healthy lifestyle”, and what needs to change to make this a reality. 

Jeremy McLeod on designing housing for sustainable communities

Director of Breath Architecture and Founder of Nightingale Housing, Jeremy McLeod, speaks about the importance of environmental design in urban areas. 

Jess Miller on designing green cities

Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Miller speaks of the fundamental need we all have to access and connect to nature, and how the provision of good quality public open space in our urban areas is increasingly critical. 

Michelle Daley on the future of play

Michelle is the Senior Manager for Active Living in NSW. Here, she discusses the changing way that children and young people play, and how important it is that we provide spaces for kids to get active. 

Alicia Kelly on active communities

Alicia Kelly and her family are residents of the Village at Wellard in Western Australia. Alicia shares her story of living in a place which has supported her and her family to be physically active and to connect with their community.

Sacha Coles on designing wild play

Sacha Coles is the Director of Landscape Architecture firm Aspect Studios and shares how the Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play garden in Sydney’s Centennial Park was designed around the concept of the Great Artesian Basin.

Sam Crosby on the benefits of nature play

Nature Educator at Centennial Park, Sam Crosby, explains some of the benefits of imaginative, physical, and nature-based play that teaches children to think creatively and solve problems.

David Doy on using Healthy Active by Design

David Doy manages the Place Planning team at the Town of Victoria Park. In this video David shares his passion for delivering great places for people to create healthy communities.​

Robina Crook on Healthy Active by Design

Robina Crook is a member of the WA State Design Review Panel and has been awarded WA Planner of the Year. In this video Robina shares how the Healthy Active by Design tool can be used to assess planning projects against key design features to activate communities, and achieve positive health outcomes. 

Tim Greenhill on Healthy Active by Design

Tim Greenhill is the Associate Director of Urbis and WA Co-Convenor of Urban Design Forum. In this video, he discusses the role of Planners in developing healthy communities and how Healthy Active by Design principles can inform healthy built environments.