These resources have been created by the Heart Foundation and our partners for active living initiatives around Australia.

National Heart Foundation resources on the built environment:

Australian Capital Territory

South Australia

If you would like a hard copy of a South Australian resource for professional practice, please send your details to the Senior Policy Advisor at  

Green Open Space

When looking to improve streets the best return comes from urban trees and other greenery through their co-benefits for health, cooling, amenity and the environment.

Northern Territory

New South Wales

The scorecard and priority recommendations for Sydney builds upon the first baseline measure of liveability in Australia’s state and territory capitals, presented in Creating Liveable Cities in Australia.

This series of resources was developed for the NSW planning system by the Healthy Planning Expert Working Group between 2018-2019. Heart Foundation provides the secretariat function of this group. 

A baseline study of Healthy Eating and Active Living within NSW Local Government Community Strategic Plans and selected Delivery Programs

This series of resources was developed for the Premier's Council for Active Living in NSW. 

Western Australia

The Western Australian report reviews State Government liveability policies in Perth using a scorecard system to indicate where the city is meeting, exceeding, on par, or falling below its policy targets.



This guide is all about people. It is about our health, the communities in which we live, and our ability to move about on foot or bike for leisure or transport. The report remains a key reference with specific guidance for Tasmania. It presents research-based guidelines that aim to assist planners, urban designers and associated professionals by bringing focus to the aspects of the built environment that encourage people to walk and cycle as part of daily life.

Companion guide to Healthy by Design®: A guide to planning and designing environments for active living in Tasmania.Design considerations for safe and healthy communities presented in a tabulated matrix for easy reference.

Tasmania Statement, co-signed by Hon Will Hodgeman MP, Premier of Tasmania; Hon Jeremey Rockcliff MP, Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing; and Mr. Graeme Lynch AM Chair, Premier’s Health and Wellbeing Advisory Council. Published August 2019, Tasmanian Government.