Case studies

In response to participants’ requests high quality local case studies have been prepared to demonstrate how healthy and active living can be supported in our built environment. As new projects come on line this resource will be updated to provide the most current initiatives.

Bendigo Bank 80 Grenfell St, Adelaide

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is an 11 storey purpose-built office tower now home to more than 1,100 of the Bank’s staff. The building’s five star Green Star architectural design and fit out aims to increase workplace health and wellbeing through innovative and environmentally sound building and design features.

Bike-Friendly Barossa

The Barossa Council has developed the Bike-Friendly Barossa behaviour change initiative and launched the Barossa Cycle Hub, the first regional cycle hub in South Australia. These complementary projects have involved a significant investment in cycling infrastructure and facilities, with the aim of increasing opportunities for transport and leisure cycling. In addition, cycling education and facilities support social connections and community engagement, removing barriers to participation.


The 3000acres community gardens are designed to be more than just places to grow food, they are local hubs of community activity. They are intended to create spaces that are inclusive of all people and encourage interaction regardless of age, education, language or ability.

Adelaide Design Manual

The Adelaide Design Manual sets the direction and standards regarding the design and management of high-quality, durable, flexible, accessible and sustainably designed public spaces in the City of Adelaide.

AECOM Perth Office

Emerging evidence indicates that the design of buildings can have a positive impact on the levels of physical activity of its occupants. The AECOM office is located within 200m of the Perth Wellington Street Train Station inviting employees to use active transport options to get to work.